About Me
Piotr Solnica

I'm a software consultant with over 12 years of experience, currently working as a tech lead at Icelab. I'm interested in web application development, data processing, alternative database systems, API integrations, in-house infrastructure development, team leading and mentorship.

I've been working with teams and clients from around the world, helping in building new systems from scratch or supporting maintenance work on big, legacy applications.

I love working with people, helping and inspiring each other and experimenting with new ideas. I've been an active OSS contributor and maintainer of various projects since 2009. Former DataMapper core team member, creator of the popular Virtus gem, creator and lead developer of rom-rb project, and dry-rb co-founder and core developer.

I write technical articles on my blog on a regular basis about programming in Ruby, interesting OSS projects, testing techniques, refactoring or working with databases. I'm also an occasional conference speaker, who had the opportunity to talk at conferences like RedDotRubyConf, EuRuCamp, RubyNation, BaRuCo (now FullStackFest), RubyConf Australia or Brighton Ruby.

My projects and articles have been featured in popular Ruby media, like RubyWeekly, Ruby5 or RubyRogues.

In 2017 I've been chosen as the final nominee of the Ruby Prize award from Ruby Association.

  • Ruby and Rails (11+ years)
  • Front-end JS libs & frameworks (jQuery, Backbone, Angular etc.) (9+ years)
  • Front-end CSS systems (Bootstrap, Bourbon, Neat etc.)
  • OSS Ruby projects (6+ years)
  • Database systems (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • Various hosting platforms (Heroku, EngineYard, Amazon etc.)
  • Integrations with various external systems
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Functional Programming
  • Design Patterns
  • Refactoring Techniques
  • Automated Testing (TDD, Mutation Testing)



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